Friday, April 15, 2016

mayoon part 1: tulle, petals, and lights

After a long hiatus (during which I found out where I'm going for residency for the next 4 years and got married all within a week), I'm back and well-rested, finally!

This post features the decorations me & my sister did for my mayoon. In case you don't know what a mayoon is, here is a great explanation. If you don't feel like reading the explanation, then it's basically this: a girl's party consisting of music + dancing + singing + food. Although decorating for it was a huge project, we started weeks in advance of the event so it wouldn't completely exhaust us. Then again, that only gave me more time to go really hardcore with the decor- I just couldn't help it. Since it's so much, I will be dividing this event into two posts. This post will feature the tulle + flower petals, and the next post will talk about how we built the "stage"/backdrop behind the bench. So without further ado, let's get into it!

The doll is a souvenir my parents got from a trip to Pakistan years ago. I thought she would make for a cute greeter to the party! At the front door was a cart with the doll, chocolate, a floral S that I made (with the instructions here), and baby khussay (shoes).

The color scheme is usually vivid and bright colors with mostly green and yellow.
Just like tulle was a huge theme for my engagement decor, we introduce green tulle, with yellow and red, for this event. I originally wanted a tent-like draping of the tulle for my engagement decor, but we opted for draping along the wall. So for this event, I seized my chance and went for the tent look. We got about 40 yards of yellow tulle and 40 yards of green tulle (with a 50% off coupon, this comes out to about $17 for the yellow and green tulle, respectively!). We grabbed pushpins and a ladder, and began doing back and forth between the outer edge of the room's ceiling and the center of the room right about the light fixture. We alternated between yellow and green for a more fun look.

 Lastly, my sister had the brilliant idea of adding loose fabric petals on top of the yellow tulle, which contrasted beautifully. I knew creativity ran in the family!

Next was the continuing theme of the rose petal garland. I had some leftovers from the engagement decor, so this was extra that I found space for. We outlined the tulle in the room with the garland to add some red.

The banisters already had yellow tulle and floral garlands from the engagement decor, so we added multicolor Christmas lights. Shout out to the Merrifields for letting us borrow a strand last minute when our lights blew out the day of the event!

Lastly, we added white sheets to the floor for seating/dancing and borrowed pillows and a dhol (drum) from family friends because, I mean, a dhol is kind of important for a mayoon- what's a party without drums?

Of course, a photo from later that night:

I'll be posting part two next!


  1. Loved this Christmas stuff. Thanks a lot for sharing these photos here. This Christmas I will be tying the knot with my fiancé. We want this day to be very special so looking for spacious and beautiful wedding venues NYC. Hoping to find one soon.

  2. Thanks Mark, glad you enjoyed the post. Good luck to you and your fiance!