Sunday, November 15, 2015


Part two of the house decorations for my engagement party involved a lot of tulle. The great thing about tulle is how cheap it is for the amount you can get (less than $2/yard). And if done right, it can look pretty awesome. We stuck to gold and red tulle and bought about 40 yards of each color. We hung it around the family room with red bows in between each wave of gold tulle. Hanging it up around the room really filled up the room. We had some leftovers which we ended up wrapping around the banisters. 

The individual bows themselves were three loops of fabric tied up with pipe cleaners that were fluffed up. We first hung up the gold tulle and then added the bows on top.

The hardest part was probably putting it all up. We had to move around all the surrounding furniture and bring in a ladder. However, I think the end product was totally worth it.

I'll be posting a part three of other tiny DIYs from the event soon!


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