Tuesday, May 29, 2018

croatia 2018: plitvice lakes national park

Our day in Plitvice Lakes was the day that I had been looking forward to the most on our trip, and it did not disappoint. The park was even more beautiful than what I had seen in pictures as I was planning the trip, and is probably the most beautiful natural scenery I have ever seen. If you're ever headed to Croatia, or anywhere near it, this park is an absolute must on the list of things to do.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

croatia 2018: zagreb

St. Mark's Church

This year, H and I (mostly I since it was my turn to pick our destination, although H will disagree) decided to visit Croatia! I had a very difficult time deciding where to visit, with a close contender being Iceland. However, Croatia was an appealing option for many reasons. Most importantly, we have a limited time frame which for me means a maximum of 5 weekdays off, for a total of 9 days of travel time. Picking an international destination for this period of time of course means factoring atleast a total of 2 days to actually get to and from the destination. After visiting Japan last year and realizing that 7 days in a foreign country would almost never be enough time, I set out to find a more manageable trip that could also been just a week long. Additional benefits were the price point, good weather, not really knowing anything about the culture (positive for me since it's a chance to learn), and a good mix of natural beauty/outdoorsy things, which is what I prefer, and historical things, what is what H prefers.

The trip itself was an especially exhausting one partly due to my lack of complete planning, and partly because of coming down with a sinus infection while on the trip. Other highlights included us realizing we could accidentally burn out our breaks if we didn't drive properly with a manual (thank you to the friends who told us about that) and H learning how to drive a manual while on a mountain, a freakish thunderstorm on our drive to Dubrovnik, and a mysterious rash H came down with. I will be dividing our Croatia posts up by city and in chronological order, starting with the city we flew in and out of, Zagreb!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

geometric art

I never could think of a title for this piece (atleast not yet), but when I started it, all I knew was that I wanted a red background.

Friday, March 9, 2018

DIY wedding anniversary journals

Weddings are a perfect excuse to practice some modern calligraphy (really, who needs an excuse anyway though). I did this custom order for a friend and her fiancé, who are getting married later this month. The idea was simple- have booklets at each table in which guests can leave messages for the new couple (the year number coincides with the table number). Each year, they will have a little booklet full of message from loved ones to read on their anniversary. I thought this idea was so cute, I wish I had come across it for my and H's wedding!

Saturday, March 3, 2018


Ever since getting back into painting at the end of last year (more posts to come on that later), my itch to paint more and more has taken on a life of it's own. That combined with working a month of night shifts recently has meant painting all night on my nights off after H goes to bed. Having a huge chunk of hours to just paint is a refreshing change of pace, even if it comes with sometimes deafening solitude since everyone else is asleep. I took advantage of the extra hours when I can't leave the house since nothing is open, and worked on this project for one of my co-residents and her sister. I've never done a piece specifically for someone, so this was an exciting first.