Tuesday, January 31, 2017

DIY social media pillows

As promised almost 1.5 years ago in my post on the DIY Facebook pillow I created for my brother here, I finally got around to making the remainder of the pillows for a full collection of four social media pillows. Although I made these Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram pillows a while ago during my pillow sewing phase (see my donut here and my strawberries here), I finally got around to editing the photos and posting about this project. In my DIY Facebook pillow post linked above, I included step-by-step instructions on how I created the pillow. The remaining three pillows were constructed using the same concept. For ease of access, I have reposted the basic instructions below. Keep in mind the instructions regarding the logos will be different depending on the logo, but overall it will involve tracing and cutting felt paper.

1. 1/2 yard fabric per pillow in desired color
2. Sewing thread in desired color
3. Felt paper
4. Poly-Fil pillow stuffing 
5. Sewing machine

1. Trace the desired logo onto your felt paper. Cut out the logo and be careful to not have any pen/pencil lines showing. Set aside.
2. Cut out 2 equally sized squares of fabric for your pillow. I made mine 13" x 13"
3. Using the sewing machine, sew the felt  logo onto one piece of the fabric
4. Place the 2 sheets of fabric together so that the side with the logo is facing the other piece of fabric. We will be sewing the edges like this because we will eventually flip it all inside out.
5. Sew 3 sides of the squares together using the sewing machine . I gave myself 1" margins all around so the final product would be ~12" x 12". You should now basically have a big square pocket with only one side open.
6.  Sew the open side halfway. You don't want to sew the whole thing because you still need to stuff your pillow
7. Turn the pillow inside out. You should not be able to see any of the thread, and the logo should be facing outside now
8. Stuff the pillow to your desired fluff level
9. Hand sew the remaining open part with a hidden/blind stitch

In order of increasing complexity/work, first up is the Twitter pillow. This was a simple 2 pieces of light blue cotton fabric and white felt. Sewing the perfect curve around the head of the bird was not my strong suit, as seen in the above picture. Still, I was satisfied. Up next was the Snapchat pillow.

This was essentially the same thing as the Facebook and Twitter pillows. The only difference was tracing the ghost logo onto both white and black felt, since the logo has a black outline. I first sewed the white onto the slightly bigger black ghost outline, and then sewed the ghost logo as a whole onto the pillow. The last and most challenging pillow was the classic, old Instagram logo pillow (thank goodness I did this before they changed the logo). 

The logo here ending up taking up the entire front of the pillow. Although it appears complicated, creating this logo was just a matter of cutting out all of the individual felt components, sewing them together in the correct order for layering, and finally sewing the logo as a whole onto the pillow. I started with my two circles for the camera lens that were sewn together. Then I sewed the light brown and dark brown of the camera body together. The "Insta" wording was done with white fabric paint, and the multicolor stripes of felt above the "Insta" were simply cut out and sewn on. 

A perfect gift for the internet addict in your life!


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