Thursday, February 23, 2017

watercolor teapot + discovering watercolor paper

It's been a while since I've had the time/chance/patience to sit down and actually work on an art piece. At some point in college, I became more attracted to little DIY crafts and projects because I found them to be much faster than completing artwork. A good art piece can take me weeks to finish if I'm spending a solid few hours a day, and even longer depending on my work schedule. This watercolor teapot was something I was able to quickly accomplish one recent afternoon (turned evening), and it reminded me of how therapeutic painting can be.

I used my Winsor & Newton watercolor set on a new watercolor paper journal I bought from a local art store. For the longest time, I had been using watercolors on any paper and would get so frustrated when the paper inevitably became wavy from the watercolors. Enter watercolor paper- the texture and weight of the paper sparked a whole new level of love and appreciation for the versatility of watercolors. 


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