Monday, August 10, 2015

DIY Facebook pillow

Finally learning how to use a sewing machine has made me sew happy (hehe), because it opens up so many more DIY possibilities. This social media-inspired pillow was made upon my brother's request, and I obliged only if he agreed to get the materials for me. He wanted to spruce up his apartment, and I guess this is what guys find aesthetically pleasing? 
 It makes a fun addition to any room for the technology-savvy person in your life!

  • 1/2 yard blue fabric
  • white and blue sewing thread
  • 1 sheet of white felt
  • Poly-Fil pillow stuffing 
  • Sewing machine

1. Trace the Facebook logo onto your white felt. I made the logo almost the length of the whole sheet. Cut out the logo and be careful to not have any pen/pencil lines showing. Set aside.

2. Cut out 2 equally sized squares of fabric for your pillow. I made mine 13" x 13"

3. Using the sewing machine, sew the felt Facebook logo onto one piece of the fabric (using white thread). 

4. Place the 2 sheets of blue fabric together so that the side with the logo is facing the other piece of fabric. We will be sewing the edges like this because we will eventually flip it all inside out.

5. Sew 3 sides of the squares together using the sewing machine (blue or white thread). I gave myself 1" margins all around so the final product would be ~12" x 12". You should now basically have a big square pocket with only one side open.

6.  Sew the open side halfway. You don't want to sew the whole thing because you still need to stuff your pillow

7. Turn the pillow inside out. You should not be able to see any of the thread, and the logo should be facing outside now

 PS- if my sewing instructions are terrible, here is a good guide

8. Stuff the pillow to your desired fluff level

9. Using blue thread, hand sew the remaining open part with a hidden/blind stitch

 Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter-inspired pillows to come!


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