Thursday, August 6, 2015

The monarch butterfly

With the alarming news that monarch butterfly populations are rapidly decreasing, I figured I could pay homage to these pretty creatures with a post featuring them. 

I used a combination of regular Prismacolor colored pencils and Prismacolor watercolor pencils. The watercolor pencils are like using watercolors (as the name would aptly suggest), but with the precision and control of a pencil. Simply sketch with the pencils using varying pressures (a light hand for a hint of color, and more pressure for more vibrant colors), dip a brush in water, and bleed out the colors.

I used a Chuck Close-inspired pattern with regular colored pencils that blended into areas where I used the watercolor pencils. The only downside to using the watercolor pencils is you have to be extra careful to never get water or raindrops on the piece.


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