Saturday, November 21, 2015

other small DIY details

The last of the engagement party DIY details are thrown into this post. These were small things I was able to do pretty quickly. The picture above was a decorative tray of fresh rose petals with tealights- the smell was amazing. I placed the tray on a coffee table in the family room area.

The other place I had fresh flowers was the centerpiece on the mantle above the fireplace. While the arrangement was beautiful, the vase/container it came in was an ugly yellow. Thankfully, I had some metallic gold spray paint that changed things significantly. 

We bought this spool of rhinestone ribbon that we used as a border around a large mirror above my fireplace. The ribbon was on sale at Hobby Lobby ($5 for 15 feet). We used masking tape to hold up the ends.

Lastly, we used the remaining gold tulle to wrap around the banisters. We then used straight pins to secure rose garlands onto the tulle. It added a nice look in the entryway when guests first walked into our home.


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