Sunday, January 3, 2016

DIY floral letter

I found this beautiful floral letter DIY on none other than Pintrest, of course. I initially bought the cardboard letter "S" when I saw it on sale at the craft store with no project in mind. But after finding the pin and realizing how easy it was, I decided it was the best way to pass time as I spent the week trapped in my house because my car was in the shop. Unfortunately, not having a car meant I wasn't able to buy any flowers at the time I wanted to do the project. So, I may or may not have picked random silk flowers around my parents house.

I initially started out using the Fiskars blade to cut the cardboard out of the front of the letter. This quickly led to using a steak knife since the thick cardboard broke my blade 30 seconds into using it.

After cutting out the front face, I was left with a hollow inside. The cardboard zig-zag inside the letter allowed for the styrofoam placement to be more snug. I used a white styrofoam block cut into pieces that was haphazardly wedged into the letter. After placing the foam in, I wedged flowers into the foam in a random arrangement, and that was it! I was apprehensive about using white foam, but I was able to cover up any areas where the foam was showing with leaves.

I added glittery gold balls to cover up more of the white foam. I also used small pins and hot glue in places where the leaves or flowers were not staying in the foam.

Since the letter was kind of small (about 10" tall), I had to make sure the form of the letter "S" was still visible, or else it would just look like a shapeless floral blob. Using a hot glue gun to glue down some of the leaves or flower petals that stuck out too much helped retain the form of the "S".


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