Saturday, December 19, 2015

what a twist

I will readily admit this was one of my least favorite DIYs I have ever done for multiple reasons. One, the instructions were not the best (I'm being nice when I say that). They were so off, that I redid this twice before ending up with something I was satisfied with. Which is saying a lot, because this project is essentially sewing a tube, stuffing it, and folding it into a pretzel shape. Two, related to the poor instructions, the pretzel turned out to be much smaller than I was anticipating. Three, I can hardly call this a pillow. And four, I couldn't find the correct brown shade at the fabric store, and now the final piece is vaguely reminiscent of the poop emoji.

Nonethess, I found the idea for this pretzel pillow here. The part of the instructions I found to be completely off was the measurement for the piece of fabric you start out with- 10" x 60" of the brown fabric resulted in a fat, untwistable (is that a word?) pillow that I could not form into a pretzel. After trimming and then trimming again, I found the measurements of 4-5" x 50" were more realistic. If you still decide to go ahead with this project, you've been warned.

Instead of gluing on felt "salt" as the original instructions said to, I sewed them on to ensure they would stay in place

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