Thursday, December 8, 2016

giraffe in the city

I can't remember where the inspiration for this piece came from, but I knew I wanted to depict a misplaced animal in the midst of loud and busy Times Square in New York City. I intended for the piece to be full of juxtapositions- the giraffe out of it's element and running through NYC, as well as the detailed background + relatively simple giraffe almost-silhouette. I kept the giraffe simple to keep the focus on the background. Depicting the noise, traffic, and vibrant colors and lights of Times Square further intensified the chaos surrounding the animal. Leaving the animal undetailed and with no face almost makes it seem non-existent and engulfed by the city. 

Although at the time I created this piece my living situation was very much not analogous to this giraffe's plight (I was peacefully living with my parents in the suburbs), I think it still captures an anxious and overwhelming feeling we can all relate to. The first day of college, our first jobs, our first major failures and setbacks. We feel singled out, odd, alone, and different (in a bad way). Atleast that's how I imagine someone would interpret this piece. I mainly just wanted to take on the challenge of sketching out the heavy detail of the background with colored pencils.
The acrylic paint was added on after mounting the work (that was on cheap black construction paper!) onto sturdier, heavier cardstock. I didn't like the idea of leaving the side blank, and the blurry, messy acrylic paint only further adds to the organized chaos that is NYC.


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