Sunday, December 16, 2012

chocolate chip cookies

I take my chocolate chip cookies very seriously. A recipe boasting perfection takes on quite a burden and a mental note of "we'll see about that" from yours truly.

I tried Emily's recipe for chocolate chip cookies from her book (here:

Sorry I'm not able to post the recipe on here, but I can put some general tips besides the directions. When the recipe claimed things like "wait until butter and eggs are room temperature and do not microwave them to make them room temperature", I thought that was a little ridiculous. I'm not sure if that's what did it, but these cookies did have a certain softness. Also, the recipe called for "over 50% cacao chocolate chips" which were a challenge to find. I later realized that these chips were way too bitter for my taste, so in the future I will stick to milk chocolate chips.

Lastly, and I recommend this for no matter what recipe for chocolate chip cookies you use, placing the cookie dough in the fridge for an hour before baking instead of baking as soon as you make the cookie dough is, in my opinion, what made these cookies so good. Letting them sit and cool allows the flavors to mix well.


  1. I'm craving a chocolate chip cookie now!