Saturday, November 24, 2012

lush cosmetics

I'm a big fan of trying to keep as many chemicals as possible out of anything I use. Sometimes it's hard to find quality, inexpensive things that fit this limited group of healthy/organic/preservative-free/chemical-free things, but Lush makes it much easier. Here's two of my favorite recent purchases:

"Shine So Bright" split end treatment. Split ends can't ever technically be treated, but this product is great for dry hair. Cold weather takes the frizz out of my hair, but it often leaves it unmoisturized and generally unappealing. This tiny tin works wonders! Literally take as much as you would lip balm for your lips, and apply to the dry parts of your hair. Within minutes my hair felt so soft. My only warning is don't apply near the scalp. The ingredients are nearly all oils and your scalp will get really greasy.

"It Started With A Kiss" lip tint. This was a last-minute grab as I was paying at the counter. Unfortunately I find my self dehydrated often and so my complexion isn't fantastic. This awesome lip tint that also doubles as cheek stain instantly lifts my complexion as it adds subtle color. It is very concentrated, so I suggest using a small amount. The consistency/texture is also kind of grainy which I didn't mind but may be a turn-off to some.

Both of these products were reasonable prices for the amount and how long they will last, so I will definitely be adding them to my list of essentials.


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