Tuesday, June 5, 2012

diy earring holder

I've seen a lot of DIYS for earring holders. It's a really practical idea for if you have a lot of earrings and can't ever recall what you have or you have difficulties organizing.

My idea was to use the screen used for window screens and insert that into a picture frame. Unfortunately, the guy at the hardware store told me that they don't sell those window screens by the yard, they only come in giant rolls. And I have absolutely no use for that.

So instead I did something a little questionable and cut out the side pocket of my laundry basket. I may regret it later, but it was the best idea I could come up with!

I bought a simple 12" x 12" black frame and cut out the mesh from my laundry basket. Of course, anything with small holes would work to hold earrings

I used this super strong binding craft glue called "Gloop". Any craft glue would work, and I wouldn't recommend Gloop. It smells really bad and has harsh chemicals

Since the mesh was fabric, I had to make sure it was taut when gluing edges down so the fabric wouldn't slouch

Lastly, I inserted the glass behind the mesh in the frame just to give a backing, and bam: DIY earring holder!