Friday, June 1, 2012

crossword gift wrap

With high school graduation season in the air, and my own sister graduating this weekend, I added something extra to her gift wrapping. I basically took an ugly box, wrapped it in postal wrapping paper (plain brown paper), and drew in a crossword on the top with a little message.

1. Wrap the box. The messiness of the inside doesn't matter, just make sure the outside and sides are smooth and neat

2. Draw pencil lines to ensure your lettering stays relatively straight

3. Draw in the letters! Make sure to add in your message ahead of time you you don't forget to include it in there, otherwise it's just wrapping with a bunch of letters...

I used a watermark pen (black) and then embossed clear powder on top so it wouldn't smear.

4. After writing in all the letters and message, circle the message

I circled my message in watermark pen and embossed green glitter powder on it

 5. Add a ribbon or hemp rope

Personalize the message as much as you want, that's what makes this idea fun and meaningful (until they rip off the wrapping and throw it away, but it's all about the moment, right?)


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