Monday, January 20, 2014

DIY tacky holiday sweater

I don't own any tacky Christmas sweaters, so conjuring one up for a party this past holiday season proved to be tricky. I wanted to have more fun with it than go to a thrift store, so my next best bet was, of course, DIYing one.

I got this idea off of Pintrest, but made it even simpler by just using leftover acrylic paint from another project.

Sweater ($6 from Walmart)
Acrylic paint (~$1)
Lettering stencils
Sponge brush

+ Any other tacky things you want to add on (lace, frills, pom poms, etc.) + fabric glue

I ended up liking so much how this turned out, that I kinda have incorporated it into my everyday wardrobe... just not my public wardrobe!

Starting materials

It's easier to paint on the letters crooked instead of worrying about perfect lines

The final product


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