Friday, June 15, 2012

fun prints

I saw a simple decorating idea on pintrest months ago when I got really bored of schoolwork and instead thought of ways to decorate my bedroom.

The idea involved framing different patterns of scrapbook paper and hanging up a collection of frames in an area on a wall. It's super easy and if your bedroom color scheme changes, it's really easy and cheap to just buy new paper. The only semi-costly part would be the frames, but with the clearance rack at Ross (my new favorite hidden gem) and coupons for various craft stores (can be found online, just Google), it's doable, quick, and inexpensive.

My cousin introduced my to an awesome company called "The Paper Source". Unfortunately, I have yet to visit the store closest to me, so I just marvel at the website for now-

Here's a few pictures of finished products (not mine):


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