Thursday, June 2, 2016

DIY birthday message balloons

I saw this idea on Pinterest quite a while ago, and was just waiting for someone in my life to use it on- and who better than your new husband as you celebrate his birthday together for the first time? The set up was perfect: we had just gotten back from Spain and H's birthday was a few days before. We had celebrated in Spain so he wasn't really expecting anything else when we got back home. I had one day at home after we returned, and then was leaving to Los Angeles the next morning for a quick girls trip me and a friend had planned over a year ago. He was gone to work during the day, so that gave me ample time to plan this surprise!

It was H's 29th birthday, so I got 29 balloons and attached something I like about him on a piece of paper to each balloon's ribbon. I hid the balloons in our bedroom and closed the door, so he wouldn't be able to see them right away when he came home.

When I was getting the balloons from the store earlier, I told the man at the counter the surprise I was planning (naturally, people inquire what the balloons are for when you tell them you need 29 balloons to be able to fit in your car), and he gave me a "newlywed discount" by charging for 2 dozen balloons instead of the 29. I love it when strangers genuinely share your excitement about little things!

PS- I've been told my Urdu isn't bad.


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