Monday, March 12, 2012

octopus acrylic painting, aka "octo lisa"

Painting has recently become one of my favorite mediums (ever since I lost my gifted 72-piece set of Prismacolor colored pencils a year ago, which still makes me sad). The best part about it is you don't need fancy, expensive materials to make a quality piece.

This 16" x 16" painting was done with mini acrylic paint bottles, $1.50-$0.99 each. All you really need is black, white, and your basic primary colors (secondaries if you're feeling too lazy to mix). I bought individual brushes of varying thicknesses, $4-$1 each. It's a good idea to buy decent quality brushes so you don't have hairs falling out of the brush and onto your piece.

I love detail in my pieces. My favorite thing about this piece, however, is the Van Gogh inspired swirl background.

P.S.- The piece is nicknamed "Octo Lisa"


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