Wednesday, October 12, 2016

new series: MoCAs & mochas

I'm excited to announce that I'm going to be starting a new series on my blog: MoCAs and mochas. What is a MoCA, you ask? It stands for Montreal Cognitive Assessment, and it's a 30-point test often administered by health professionals to assess for cognitive impairment. In my years as a medical student and very limited time as a newly-minted resident, I've sat with many patients and administered this test (and even taken it myself out of curiosity, only to be shocked when I didn't get a 100%). When patients complain about memory issues or seem as though they are struggling with cognition, this handy test helps solidify the presence and extent of cognitive impairment. I've used it a lot in Neurology, Psychiatry, Geriatrics, and even on Internal Medicine wards. And, of course, the mocha I'm referring to is the chocolatey coffee drink. MoCAs and mochas. How could I resist the pun?

MoCAs and mochas will be a place for me to record my thoughts, experiences, feelings, and advice regarding a life in medicine. I hope it will help me maintain perspective and humility, and serve as source of help to anyone who happens to come across it. As always, this blog has served as an outlet for me when medical school, and now residency, have gotten too overwhelming. It serves as a reminder that I can and should maintain a variety of interests amid an often hectic lifestyle. Most importantly for me, by journaling my thoughts via this series, I hope I will be able to read through these entries in the inevitable dark and difficult times in my career to remind myself of the reason I pursued medicine in the first place. Because on tough days, it can be really easy to forget. 

Stay tuned!


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